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but why thinking about women as a minority in the first place? Why make them a special role? Why discriminate them by that?
Men and woman are two different sexes, and man is arisen from life which included sex since almost a billion years in history of evolution. This is a way to heighten the fitness and adaptability in a changing envoirement. Even though if there were no sexes nobody would be the same as the other, because thats not the way life works. Change and differences it is. We are creating artifical envoirements in which we try to make same rules and premises, which can be, in terms of organisation, very effective. But we can not do this to the end. I believe, first of all, we all should accept ourselfs and others as man. This is possible and given by the intellect, by feelings we share together. It depends on this how short the way goes to sexualisation, which can be very strong, and in the end, often ist stronger than intellect or feelings. When given a short way, I believe that there often is some distraction about sex and sexualisation behind the mind. Many guys from the early compy scene (mid 90s) come from an envoirement which often totally lacked women. Outsiders grouped together around theire communication tool, the computer. Today it is totally different, and everyone uses it, and the early nerd had also time to develop, some maybe sat to hard behind theire desks. As a woman you have to be proud to be that way, you have a given strengh that no men has, and so it is the opposite around. There are differences between sexes which can not easily transfered and in my believe should not, because if we interact together, we can learn pretty fast and intense through that.
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