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its like that we are actually regularly worrying about very minor or soft problems in our everyday life.
but we are living in that kind of a luxury, that we can afford to do so..
isn't it an unbelievable intense and strong empathy to worry about hard problems of the world, which mostly occur outside our monkeysphere ?
isn't this a very new experience for humankind, since the upcoming of the concept of globalisation, that we actually try to worry about problems we are not directly connected to, but through our field of knowledge or trust in a certain world view - believe ?
We are recognizing that we are responsible through our everyday actions, but we are only one!!?
ONLY myself is able to do that. if humankind does it, its more like a historical process, but it has to start with yourself.. normally people are rejecting this kind of a big responsibility, even if its just in theire mind (its a beginning of a new way of life).
Most people want to grasp a solution in a resonable ammount of time and space, and, therefore, don't even try to come to terms with this new kind of world view, because it seems impossible to do that... the web has to become aware
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