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July 10 2015


10.7.1934: Der Anarchist und Schriftsteller Erich Mühsam
wird von der SS-Wachmannschaft des
KZ Oranienburg ermordet.

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July 08 2015

Awesome kick-in-the-nutts interview from the Zeit with french economist Piketty:

ZEIT: The German Minister of Finance, on the other hand, seems to believe that a Greek exit from the Eurozone could foster greater unity within Europe.

Piketty: If we start kicking states out, then the crisis of confidence in which the Eurozone finds itself today will only worsen. Financial markets will immediately turn on the next country. This would be the beginning of a long, drawn-out period of agony, in whose grasp we risk sacrificing Europe’s social model, its democracy, indeed its civilization on the altar of a conservative, irrational austerity policy.

ZEIT: Do you believe that we Germans aren’t generous enough?

Piketty: What are you talking about? Generous? Currently, Germany is profiting from Greece as it extends loans at comparatively high interest rates.

ZEIT: What solution would you suggest for this crisis?

Piketty: We need a conference on all of Europe’s debts, just like after World War II. A restructuring of all debt, not just in Greece but in several European countries, is inevitable...
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a judge in the Hague has ruled that the Dutch government’s stance on climate change is illegal and has ordered them to take action to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a hefty 25% within five years.

Lawyers say the precedent it sets could trigger similar cases all around the world. Already, in Belgium, 8, 000 citizens are preparing for a similar court case, with others pointing to another possible lawsuit in Norway. Although the case is only binding within the Netherlands, lawyers say that it will inspire lawyers and judges considering similar cases in many other countries.
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In Ihrem neuen Buch gehen Sie mit dem Mainstream-Feminismus hart ins Gericht. Was verstehen Sie darunter und was sind Ihre Hauptkritikpunkte?

Es gibt heutzutage viele verschiedene Formen des Feminismus. Mainstream sind diejenigen, über die die Medien am meisten schreiben und die daher von den politischen Eliten die meiste Aufmerksamkeit bekommen. Mainstream sind die Ideen von konservativen Feministinnen, die hauptsächlich von weißen Frauen sprechen, von reichen Frauen, von Businessfrauen, von heterosexuellen und Cisgender-Frauen. Deren Probleme zählen, aber sie repräsentieren nicht die Erfahrungen aller Frauen. Ich plädiere für einen Feminismus, der sehr viel mehr intersektional ist, also mehr Frauen einbezieht.

wow, schaut euch mal dies UFA- Wochenschau Video von 1966 ab 1:52 an.
s'geht um Magnetismus... aloha
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We know over 200,000 young women and girls have been trafficked to work in cotton mills in Tamil Nadu, India. Recruited under false promises through a scheme called Sumangali. They are promised a lump sum payment after 3-5 years but often receive nothing. There is little or no training or health and safety equipment. Their freedom is restricted, often living in onsite hostels, and their contact with the outside world limited.  

STOP THE TRAFFIK is campaigning to end trafficking through this scheme and across the whole fashion supply chain.

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July 07 2015

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Slavoj Žižek on Greece: This is a chance for Europe to awaken

The Greeks are correct: Brussels' denial that this is an ideological question is ideology at its purest - and symptomatic of our whole political process.
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Georg Schramm zu Atomenergie, Finanzkrise und Grexit

Georg Schramm, der sich von den Kabarettbühnen zurückgezogen hat, schenkte den Schönauer Energiewendepionieren zum Abschied eine Sternstunde des politischen Kabaretts...

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July 05 2015

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Weil so viel rassistische Scheisse tagtäglich in Deutschland passiert:

Refugees Welcome! Bring your families! 

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June 27 2015

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Britain is one of just 19 countries that still recruit 16-year-olds to the armed forces. A new report claims that younger recruits are more likely to suffer from PTSD, alcohol problems and suicide than those who join as adults. This video tells the story of David Buck who joined the army at 17 but now feels he was conned by misleading recruitment marketing.

Child soldiers in the British Army

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June 26 2015

Atomausstieg 2015 – gehen ohne Atomkraftwerke die Lichter aus?
Alle AKW könnten sofort abgeschaltet werden

Nicht nur das AKW Grafenrheinfeld, sondern alle neun noch laufenden AKW sind für die Stromversorgung überflüssig und könnten schon 2015 abgeschaltet werden. In einer aktuellen Studie im Auftrag von .ausgestrahlt hat das Energiewende-Beratungsunternehmens Arepo Consult die vorhandenen Stromerzeugungskapazitäten untersucht. Demnach stehen selbst unter extrem pessimistischen Annahmen (Dunkelheit, deutschlandweite Flaute, maximal hoher Strombedarf) rechnerisch genügend nicht-atomare Kraftwerke zur Verfügung, um den gesamten Stromverbrauch in Deutschland jederzeit zu decken...
[zur Studie (pdf)]
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Tureaud [...] worked as a bouncer. It was at this time that he created the persona of Mr. T. [11] His wearing of gold neck chains and other jewelry was the result of customers losing the items or leaving them behind at the night club after a fight. A customer, who may have been banned from the club or trying to avoid another confrontation, would not have to re-enter the club if Mr. T wore their jewelry as he stood out front. When a customer returned to claim the item, it was readily visible and available with no further confrontation required. Along with controlling the violence as a doorman, Tureaud was mainly hired to keep out drug dealers and users. [12]

"the gold chains are a symbol that reminds me of my great African ancestors, who were brought over here as slaves with iron chains on their ankles, their wrists, their necks and sometimes around their waists. I turned my chains into gold...the fact I wear gold instead of iron chains is because I am still a slave, only my price tag is higher now. I am still bought and sold by the powers that be in society, white people, but this time they pay me on demand, millions and millions of dollars for my services."...
Three prisoners—Melvin Ray, James Pleasant and Robert Earl Council—who led work stoppages in Alabama prisons in January 2014 as part of the Free Alabama Movement have spent the last 18 months in solitary confinement. Authorities, unnerved by the protests that engulfed three prisons in the state, as well as by videos and pictures of abusive conditions smuggled out by the movement, say the men will remain in solitary confinement indefinitely.

"The kryptonite to fight the prison system, which is a $500 billion enterprise, is the work strike."

America’s Slave Empire
by Chris Hedges
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